The Association of the Village of Farfa

On the first of April 2016, the Non-Profit Association of the Village of Farfa was born.

(Extract of the Statute)

The Association of the Village of Farfa does not have a lucrative scope and exclusively pursues social solidarity within the scope of the:

• protection, promotion and development of things of artistic and historical interest;
• protection and development of nature and the environment;
• promotion of culture, music and art.

The Association proposes therefore to perform the following activities:

• to unite all those who are interested in the cultural and social development of the Village;
• to promote, develop and protect all natural, artistic, and monumental beauties of the locality and the district;
• to contribute and organize tourism in the area by activating every possible form of collaboration with public and private entities;
• to promote and organize, also in collaboration with public and/or private entities, initiatives (conventions, excursions, public shows, exhibits, celebrations, sporting activities, as well as initiatives of social solidarity, salvaging of the environment,restoration and management of monuments, etc.) with the scope of making known and handing down the traditions and customs of the Village and the Sabine territory;
• to develop hospitality, to educate tourists regarding the environment and overall knowledge of the territory, and more generally to sensitize the resident populations towards the phenomenon of tourism;
• To undertake initiatives to develop appreciation for and spread the use of local agricultural, artisanal and gastronomic products.

Maintaining and underlining the independence of the "Borgo di Farfa" Association and its own specific ends, it intends to determine and develop, in every proactive form, that natural rapport which is considered  "special" and privileged" towards the Abbey of Farfa.

To this end, we will try to coordinate with the abbey initiatives of various types proposed by the Association with the fundamental purpose of operating in a collaborative ambiance within the *Network* dedicated to obtaining a growth in quality, possibly shared by the Abbey.

All this is intended according to independent procedures and proposals via the numerous instruments of communication which modern technology offers, defending the undeniable "spirituality" of our site and thus proposing initiatives of irreproachable ethical quality, a value which the Association proposes to share with care among its own associates.

 The voluntary organization operates within the territory of the Lazio Region.